How to choose a really suitable automatic polishing machine?

Update:08 Oct 2021

With the development of science and technology, a variety of fully automated equipment is increasingly used in the production and processing field. Due to the influence of factors such as low manual polishing output, high cost, and uneven quality of polishing products, traditional manual polishing has gradually withdrawn from the stage of history, replaced by automatic polishing machines. There are many brands and products of automatic polishing machine on the market. How do we choose a truly suitable automatic polishing machine?

From the size of its own output, the stability of the supply. If the quantity is large, the supply is stable, the funds are abundant, and the profit is high, you can consider connecting multiple equipment into a more automated assembly line production mode, otherwise you can consider a single, slightly simple automatic polishing machine.

Since the automatic polishing machine is developed by imitating the operation action of the manual polishing master, before buying, ask whether the operation of the automatic polishing machine conforms to the logic of the polishing process. Since the technical content and assembly process of the automatic polishing machine are relatively high, you can go to the manufacturer to see the production scale and strength before confirming the order, and then make a decision.
Before going to the manufacturer, ask if the manufacturer has proofing of the prototype. If you bring your own products for on-site testing, see how it works. If it is not convenient to go to the manufacturer to check it on the spot, let the manufacturer shoot the video throughout the process, and then ask the manufacturer to send the sample back to see the effect before paying.


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