How should the three-dimensional vibration grinder be damped?

Update:24 Jun 2022

Vibration grinder is a common crushing equipment on the market, which has been used in households. Know that there aren't many industries on the market where devices can go into the home, we won't talk about that, let's share some operational issues with you! May play an important role in future large-scale production, home furnishing. This question is how to reduce the vibration of the vibrating mill manufacturer. Vibration grinders, hence the name, produce vibrations. However, in some daily processing, high-precision products are often required to stop deep processing, then vibration will lead to processing failure. Although it is called a vibratory grinder, when it comes to precision mold grinding, the vibration of the grinder can be a headache.
Because the vibration of the machine tool directly affects the effect of mold processing, such as corrugation, surface finish, if it is precision forming grinding, making connector molds, cutting grooves, etc., then the vibration of the machine tool cannot repair the grinding wheel at all, because sometimes The grinding wheel needs to be trimmed to a thickness of 0.1-0.13 mm, and the grinding wheel is transparent. If the grinding machine has a little vibration and other unstable factors, the grinding wheel will burst.

In fact, the biggest advantage of this unit is that it can be operated unmanned, which means it is relatively easy to operate. The device usually works according to the principle of helical rolling flow and three-dimensional vibration, and the purpose is to make the parts rub against the polishing abrasive of the drum to achieve better results. In addition, the device can also be used for a large number of jobs, which can effectively increase the work efficiency, which are advantages associated with the operation of the device. 1. The size of the abrasive material should not exceed the size of the part: Generally speaking, the size of the abrasive material should not exceed the appropriate size of the part, in addition, after the machining operation, the screen can be used to quickly separate the abrasive material and the part. If the two are the same size, the screening process can take a lot of time and effort. Do not block the aperture or diameter of the parts: Some parts have apertures or diameters on the surface. When selecting grinding materials, pay attention to this situation to avoid the aperture or diameter of grinding a large number of parts being blocked by the grinding material. Therefore, the material size should be larger or smaller than the inner hole.


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