How should the external polishing machine be maintained?

Update:29 Sep 2021

If the polishing machine wants to operate normally, it is necessary to do regular maintenance of the machinery used. The outer circle polishing machine also needs normal maintenance during use, so as to ensure the service life of the equipment. Let me explain it to you. How should the external polishing machine be maintained?
1. It is required to ensure that the cylindrical polishing machine is used in a dry environment and cannot be exposed to rain or other water sources on the machine.

2. Make sure that the waste is cleared once a week, because some wastes will often accumulate in the material box of the machine. If these wastes are not cleared in time, it will affect the normal use of the cylindrical polishing machine.
3. For monthly maintenance, it is necessary to clean and maintain the slide plate or the middle knife, of course, including lubrication treatment, and also to lubricate the bearing every three months.
4. When the cylindrical polishing machine has been used for two years, it is necessary to replenish the oil in the wheel box of the reducer. At this time, it should be noted that there are several parts that cannot be refueled. Every time you add oil, you should pay attention to the proper amount of oil. Do not add excessively, because this situation will cause the switch of the external polishing machine to malfunction due to oil immersion.


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