How can we actually increase the polishing rate of the automatic polishing machine?

Update:09 Sep 2021

The key to the operation of the automatic polishing machine is to remove the damaged layer produced during polishing as soon as possible, and at the same time, it is necessary to do everything possible to obtain a large polishing rate. So, in actual operation, how can we actually increase the polishing rate of the automatic polishing machine? Today, the polishing machine manufacturer Tideli Machinery will have a specific talk with you.

1. The automatic polishing machine is mainly divided into two stages for the polishing of parts. The former requires the use of fine materials to make the polishing damage layer shallower, but the polishing rate is low. At the exit of the inner pipe, the air volume is adjusted by the valve, and the dust is discharged into the dust filter device. When the hand collides, the feed roller returns to the non-working position, the host stops working, and the safety baffle is installed in front of the work roller protective cover. It can be restored after restarting. normal work. The amount of change in the speed of the vibrating body per unit time is called acceleration and is represented by a. The dust suction system of the automatic polishing machine is formed by the protective cover sandwich of the work roll and the dust suction air duct in the fuselage to form a dust suction chamber, and the induced draft fan discharges the dust out of the pipe through the air duct. The latter requires the use of coarser abrasives to ensure a higher polishing rate to remove the polished damage layer, but the polishing damage layer is also deeper.
2. The rough polishing of the automatic polishing machine uses a hard wheel to polish the surface that has been or has not been polished. It has a certain grinding effect on the substrate and can remove rough wear marks; the polishing in the polishing machine uses a harder surface. The polishing wheel further processes the rough-polished surface, which can remove the scratches left by the rough polishing and produce a medium-bright surface; the fine polishing of the polishing machine is the post-polishing process, and the soft wheel polishing obtains a mirror-like surface Bright surface, it has little grinding effect on the base material.
If the speed is high, the polishing damage layer will not cause false organization, and will not affect the final observed material organization. If a relatively fine abrasive is used, the damage layer produced during polishing can be greatly reduced, but the polishing speed will also decrease.
3. In order to further improve the reliability of the entire system, the automatic polishing machine researchers are also adopting a multi-CPU processor structure in the automatic polishing machine system; the system also has two programming methods, teaching box teaching and offline programming, and point There are two control methods of reaching point or continuous trajectory; it can display the coordinate value, joint value, and measurement value in real time; calculate and display the posture value and error value.
After years of development, the automatic polishing machine has become more and more oriented towards the fully automatic era. The automatic polishing machine not only improves the efficiency of product processing, but also exerts great advantages and is very popular in the market. Therefore, if you want to increase the polishing rate without damaging the surface of the parts, it is necessary to continuously develop and innovate polishing machine equipment and repeatedly grind new technologies, so as to effectively increase the polishing rate.


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