Barrel polishing machine

Update:21 Jul 2021

【Barrel Polishing Machine】Product Overview

The main structure of the barrel polishing machine is the main motor drive mechanism, the pulley system that drives the rotating body to rotate, the planetary disk revolver, the drum, the sprocket system that drives the drum to rotate, and the sprocket reducer that controls the drum rotation and unloading. Organization and operation control system, safety insurance system, etc. The main working principle: four hexagonal rollers are installed on the circumference of the rotating body at equal distances. On the one hand, the rollers revolve with the rotating body, and on the other hand, under the action of the sprocket system, the polishing machine drum rotates around its own axis. Carry out autorotation (reverse direction). The planetary movement of the drum makes the material in the drum always remain on the outer side of the inner wall of the drum due to the centrifugal force, and a fluid layer is generated on the surface. In this fluid layer, the grinding stone and the workpiece produce relative movement, and the surface of the workpiece is finely cut and squeezed, so that the surface of the workpiece is smoothed.

【Barrel Polishing Machine】Product Features

1. Strong vibration performance, low maintenance rate and high production cost performance.

2. It has high amplitude, strong turnover and high cutting force, which is suitable for grinding and polishing of large-scale medium and small-sized workpieces.

3. The size and shape of the original workpiece will not be damaged during processing.

4. The functions of frequency conversion speed regulation, time control, environmental protection cover and sound insulation can be customized according to customer requirements.


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